Teen ELI Readers – Festivals are fun + CD

Join us on an A-Z journey around the festivals of Britain

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Join us on an A-Z journey around the festivals of Britain! Would you like to learn about the biggest dog show in the world? Or how many fire festivals there are in Britain? Do you want to know what happens during the festival of sleep and find out on which day British people eat pancakes?

You can discover the answers to all these questions and learn much more about the different festivals and events that happen every year in Britain. Let’s go and have some fun!


Topics – Festivals, Culture and Traditions, Places, Music, Sport, Food, Animals, History, Seasons, Free TimèP>Concepts and grammar – Describing places and events, making suggestions, Likes and dislikes, Adverbs, Adjectives, Prepositions, Comparatives and superlatives, Present simple, Present perfect, Gerunds.

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Angela Tomkinson


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